Get Justice Following a Car Accident

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Any kind of car accident can be traumatic, but this is even more the case when it’s not your fault. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, no doubt you’ll have found that you’re the one that has to sort things out with the insurers, the mechanics and the car hire people. You’re the one that has to take time off work to deal with everything, and you’re the one that has to deal with the upset all of this causes. Meanwhile, the other party just has to wait for a letter from their insurer, particularly if they haven’t had any damage to their own vehicle. And of course, none of this takes into account any injuries sustained.

Bearing all this in mind, why should you be financially out of pocket? No win no fee solicitors such as ourselves can help you to get compensation if you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and are suffering injuries as a result of that accident. We have over 15 years’ experience of dealing with road accident claims and will work tirelessly to get you compensation which will go some way to putting things right.

Of course, we understand that no amount of car accident compensation will take the pain away or make the situation less difficult. However, it will give you the sense that there is some justice and that you are not simply being punished for something that wasn’t your fault. It will also ease the financial burden that you have encountered as a result.


Road Accident Claims When You’re at Fault

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Almost all the publicity around car and motorcycle accident claims is geared towards the one who makes the complaint. There are fewer immediate resources for those against whom the claim has been made, whether they admit fault or not. However, we believe that everyone deserves expert legal representation no matter which side they’re on. Not all claims are just, and not all those who are accused of – for example, negligent driving – should have to pay compensation.

There may not be no win no fee solicitors lining up to take your case if you are facing legal proceedings after a traffic accident, you’ll need a specialist solicitor whether you’re at fault or blameless. If a claim is being made against you, having an expert on your side increases your chances of a positive outcome. Sometimes there is even a possibility of making a counter-claim. If you have been unjustly accused and put through considerable stress for no good reason, that ought to be taken into account and amends made.

At Fosters we have a team of experienced and professional lawyers who specialise in road accident claims of all kinds. We are always interested in hearing from those who have suffered as a result of a traffic incident that was not their fault, but may also be able to help those who are facing a claim or admit that the fault was theirs. No matter which party you are, feel free to get in touch and talk to an advisor. We’ll do everything we can to help.


Making Life Easier Following an RTA

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If you have been in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, the last thing you want is to be paying out even more in order to see that justice is done. The personal cost that you have suffered and may continue to suffer as a result of the accident is more than enough. Here at Fosters Solicitors, we don’t believe that any road accident claims should ever cost you a penny.

We provide a complete service to help you with your car accident compensation that takes into account much more than simply winning an amount of money in a claim against the other party. Following your accident, we will help to organise getting your vehicle repaired, by liaising between the two insurance companies of both parties involved. We have our own network of warranty approved repairers available for you to choose from, but we are equally happy for you to nominate your own preferred garage to carry out the work needed to repair your vehicle.

While waiting to get your back from the garage, or to be able to get a new car in the case of a write off, we will organise a like for like car for you. We understand the inconvenience that suddenly finding yourself without your car can cause, and so we will immediately organise for a hire car to be delivered to you, and then collected again once you have your own car back, with all costs recovered from the other party’s insurance.


Don’t Suffer in Silence

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Road traffic accidents can incur numerous and varied injuries, from whiplash to bruises to paralysis. Some of these injuries may worsen over time or become a recurring problem in your life and can cause you a great deal of personal and financial expense. You may end up having to take a lot of time off work, leading to loss of earnings, or could end up needing to buy specific medical equipment to lessen your symptoms. If the accident wasn’t your fault, why should you end up seriously out of pocket, as well as having to deal with the pain and inconvenience (or worse) the accident has caused?

Personal injury lawyers, such as us, specialise in ensuring you get compensation for any road accident claims that you may have which are not your fault. We know that you last thing you need when you are in pain is a complicated and drawn out lengthy legal battle, so we make everything as simple and efficient as possible. If you have been advised that you need physiotherapy or other medical treatment, we will organise this for you so that you can get back on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

If you have already incurred medical costs as a result of your injury, we will help you to get the whiplash compensation (or for any other injury) you are entitled to. Even if you were not the driver of the vehicle, you can still claim for any injuries suffered.