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Car accident claims are some of the most frequent claims that we deal with. This is largely because in a single quarter alone there can be hundreds of thousands of accidents on the roads which result in a slight to serious or fatal injury. A lot of people will therefore be looking to make car accident compensation claims because of the negligence of another party. Aside from other road users, the other party may also be pedestrians or even those bodies tasked with the upkeep of the road. Potholes, damage to important signs and lights can all result in a car accident, and if this is the case, then you can and should be able to initiate a car accident claim.

It makes for grizzly reading but according to the Department For Transport the number of people killed as of the year ending September 2011 stood at an estimate of 1,900 people. All of these incidents require investigation and many of them may find that some other party was responsible for the accident, be it another driver or otherwise. This can mean that a compensation claim can be lodged on behalf of the deceased. If you want to find out whether you are able to make this claim on their behalf it is advisable to talk to our personal injury solicitors as soon as you feel capable. We will be able to give you all of the information that you need to file a claim for compensation. It is important to remember that this can have serious financial implications for families and relatives, particularly if they were in some way dependent on the deceased. Payouts in this type of scenario can be significant, so it is always important to talk to an expert.

As well as fatalities there were an over all of 204, 350 casualties that were reported. These ranged from slight to serious and also included the fatalities for the same period. Many people don’t realise that claims for compensation can be made for seemingly minor injuries such as whiplash because the it can result in loss of earnings and even spinal damage. It is always important to report injuries sustained in a car crash and if they were caused by somebody else’s negligence then you should talk to one of our experienced solicitors.

At Fosters we have over 15 years of specialist experience in the field of car accidents. No matter the situation we can always advise regarding a potential claim. As part of our commitment to you, we can also offer a free accident claim consultation. This can be a great way to understand exactly what you need to do regarding the law. Given that you are interested in making a car accident claim, then it may be necessary to gain evidence of the accident. This might include photographic evidence of the scene as well as any eye-witness accounts that could prove vital. Depending on the nature of the accident, we will be able to advise you on exactly what will be needed for your claim.


Personal Injury Solicitors and Social Change

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There is little doubt that personal injury solicitors have a poor reputation, as a whole. In fact, you could say the same for lawyers, dentists, accountants, politicians, and many other professions, but what many people don’t realise is that compensation law (and the lawyers that work in the field as specialists) has been a significant driver of social change.

Over the last century or so, the power of the personal injury compensation claim has helped bring about reforms in the healthcare sector, in advertising, and last but not least, in workplace health and safety. It could be argued that most of the positive changes would have occurred over time anyway but there is little doubt that compensation lawyers were well ahead of legislators at many points in recent history.

If those who were exposed to asbestos at work and then went on to develop serious illnesses didn’t stand up and seek compensation, backed by expert lawyers, then perhaps the laws governing the safe treatment of this lethal material wouldn’t be so stringent and more people would fall ill in the future. If people who suffered lung diseases after tobacco companies ignored research into the potentially harmful effects of smoking hadn’t chosen to take their story to the courts, perhaps the UK wouldn’t be doing so much work on tobacco-related health.

Such court cases can go a long way towards improving public understanding of an issue and even prompt politicians into action. While car accident claims may be a compensation solicitor’s bread and butter, there is a lot more to this branch of the law. Sometimes we also get to help to change the world on a broader scale.


Access The Expert Information On Car Accident Compensation

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You may have noticed that compensation claims are always being advertised on television, on billboards and on the radio. It seems almost impossible not to notice it somewhere at some point. The fact is that you only really realise why when you need to utilise this service for yourself. Then it can dawn on you why there are so many of these adverts.

When it comes to car accident claims, one of the greatest concerns after receiving all of the medical treatment you may require, is how you are going to remain financially stable. If a car accident wasn’t your fault, then calling our solicitors to discuss car accident compensation could be one of your best moves. Car accidents can be debilitating and the recovery times can be excessively long and include a lot of ongoing medical treatment as well as therapy and rehabilitation. This is not to mention your vehicle, the damage done to any passengers or earnings you may lose through being away from work. Car accident compensation can then seem like a vital service that should be well advertised because it is providing an outlet for many people who really don’t know where to turn.

By contacting Fosters Solicitors, you can access the expert line on road traffic accidents. Even if you are not confident you can make a claim, we will listen to your situation and give you our opinion on whether it is a viable course of action for you and whether you are likely to succeed.


Let Us Take Care of your Car Accident Claims

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Suffering a car accident can be traumatic. If you have endured such an event, you may have experienced considerable physical pain and you might also have found it frightening to get back behind the wheel afterwards for fear of similar incidents in the future.

Meanwhile, there are also the practical difficulties associated with accidents like this. Your car may require costly and time consuming repairs and you might also miss out on important events in your life.

Therefore, if the accident was caused by the negligence of a fellow road user, you are able to make car accident claims. This can help you to cover the costs you incurred and can also help you achieve a sense of justice.

Here at Fosters Solicitors we are experts when it comes to issues of this nature and there is nothing our team do not know. This means that by making use of our personal injury solicitors, you stand a great chance of succeeding in your case.

Meanwhile, because we put customer service at the heart of all we do, you will also benefit from superb treatment. We can take care of issues such as arranging a medical and providing like for like hire car to keep you on the move while your vehicle is out of action.

Within a matter of weeks, you may find you are awarded the car accident compensation you deserve.

So, to make your life as easy as possible, you can come here to see how we might be able to assist you.