Taking All Consequences into Account After a Traffic Accident

Posted by admin on February 1, 2012 at 11:00 am. Filed under: Road Accident Claims

When initiating road traffic accident claims, many people aren’t aware of the full reach of compensation law. They may be seeking to claim medical expenses (which can be considerable) or get some compensation for lost income over a period during which they were not able to work due to their injuries, but sometimes it’s worth looking even further.

A serious traffic accident is always a traumatic experience. Even if nobody is badly hurt, anyone involved may feel frightened, confused, or sickened by what they saw or went through themselves. Children are particularly vulnerable but adults may also be deeply affected. The emotional and psychological consequences of an accident can be just as severe as the physical ones. They might be harder to observe, demonstrate, and quantify, but they can also be more difficult to treat and harder to get over than a broken bone or a case of painful whiplash. Unfortunately, some people continue to suffer the emotional effects of an accident years after their other injuries have healed.

Accident compensation should extend to cover psychological harm as well as physical harm. Such damage can lead to real distress, reduced capacity to earn, and lasting inconvenience, so it’s only fair.

As personal injury lawyers we can help you get the best assessment of all injuries that occurred as the result of a traffic accident, not just those that are easy to see. You deserve to be compensated for the full gamut of harm done to you, and we can help make sure all factors are taken into account.


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