Bikers Getting The Right Protection From The Law

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There is no need to inform a biker that their form of travel is more susceptible to injury than a car, for instance. The chances are that they will have a long history with bikes stemming all the way back to childhood where it was learnt that coming off your bike hurts. Of course, a motorbike is an entirely different animal and can result in some truly horrific injuries. Even despite protective gear, a biker is so much more vulnerable which is why so many accidents result in fatalities. Still, this is not an argument for people giving up on their favoured mode of transport, and for many it is about lifestyle and personality.

If you have suffered a bike accident and would like to initiate a claim for compensation, then Fosters Solicitors are the best in the field. We have an intimate understanding of the law and the bike accident claim. Our personal injury solicitors have a significant amount of expertise with over 15 years of specialist experience that can result in you getting 100% of the compensation claim. Many bikers know how to be responsible on the road, but this doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. If you believe that your accident was as a result of somebody else’s negligence or bad driving, then talking to us could help you to understand what you could do about it. Ultimately, bikers need all of the protection they can get from the law, particularly when somebody else is to blame for their injuries.


Personal Injury Lawyers And Heavy Industry

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There are many industries that result in accidents every year, but those that result in the most injuries are the ones that deal with heavy industry. Whether it is construction or petro-chemical processing, working in a potentially hazardous environment can put employees in danger. Of course, this might be par for the course, and employees will understand what they are undertaking before they even start work there. However, if you believe that there should have been a level of safety where there was not, or there was some negligence involved in the practice of your parent company, then it is your right to make accident at work compensation.

In these industries, particularly where protective safety gear is necessitated, there are many different types of health and safety regulation. It may well be that you have your own health and safety officer who is charged with keeping everybody safe. In a perfect world, this would reduce the number of injuries caused on site but in practice, there are still far too many people sustaining devastating injuries. If you decide to seek out our personal injury lawyers, then we can advise you on what the law is regarding your industry and we can give you advice on how to proceed. An accident at work could change your life, so protecting yourself against this outcome will prove to be vital. It could pay for your treatment or tide you over while you adapt to a change in lifestyle or career.


Knowing Your Rights As An Employee

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After an accident at work, many people become understandably worried about their employment status. If it wasn’t worse enough that you may have had to take time off work, or can’t even do the same job as before, there may now be a psychological component to your accident. It doesn’t have to be this way – your employer will not fire you as a result of your injuries. Neither can they fire you for initiating an accident at work claim against them. All employers have a responsibility to their employees, to keep them safe, to keep all equipment safe and usable and to minimise the risk of any accidents occurring. If however, you feel that your employer has been negligent in their duties, which has resulted in your injuries, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are a no win no fee solicitors which means you needn’t worry about the finances concerning your claim. Many people start an accident at work compensation claim in order to get their lives back on track, to pay for medical care and to give them something to fall back on if it turns out they can’t do the same job again. It could provide you with a vital safety-net that could help make what is already a stressful situation a bit less worrying.

Employers understand that they have requirements to fulfil by law, and they also know that if they don’t fulfil them, it could result in action like this. It is your right to initiate such a claim.


A Victim Of Somebody Else’s Negligence

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The roads can be a very dangerous place and it is when people have forgotten just how dangerous they can be when the worst happens. This is particularly true of motorway accidents. Even though most people use them with no problem, concentration is always a huge part, and all it takes is one negligent driver to cause what could be a catastrophe. Ongoing vigilance will protect you for the most part, but sometimes the unexpected does happen. Road traffic accident claims like this can be very distressing, particularly if it has resulted in a lengthy hospital stay.

It is important to Fosters Solicitors that you receive the best medical treatment before coming to us. However, when you are up to it if you want to initiate road traffic accident claims against another party then we will listen to your situation. If your crash was as a result of the negligence of another driver – either they fell asleep at the wheel or they were speeding or driving dangerously, then your claim can go ahead. We will advise you on how to get all of the evidence that is typically needed for a claim such as this, or in the event that you cannot ascertain the evidence we will advise.

Many people are not in a position to acquire such things, due to medical complications or the simple unavailability of it, but our solicitors will be able to talk you through exactly what will happen from then on in a friendly and approachable manner.


Car Accident Claims With Empathy

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Car accident claims can be very stressful on a family, so at Fosters Solicitors we will do everything in our power to help you get through this stressful time and add your claim to your list of worries. Everybody knows that road traffic accidents can extend from being minor to being life-threatening, and it results of them might mean a requirement for ongoing treatment and care. Even broken bones can mean a lengthy spell away from work which can result in loss of earnings.

If the accident wasn’t your fault then there is no reason for you not to make a move for car accident compensation. This can help you to get back to a state of normality in your life, maintain earnings and even support yourself and your family through what could be a very trying time. Having to worry about your financial situation is not good, particularly if the crash had a more psychologically damaging dimension. Compensation claims of this nature always need to be treated delicately, and at Fosters we have the expertise and the trained staff to be able to put your mind at ease and suggest the best, fastest and most likely paths that will result in a successful compensation claim.

Even if you have only suffered whiplash, the results of such an event could result in lost earnings or create other problems for you. Seeing a specialist is always advisable, as is having proof of the incident, either from photographs, eye-witness accounts or both.