Get Justice Following a Car Accident

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Any kind of car accident can be traumatic, but this is even more the case when it’s not your fault. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, no doubt you’ll have found that you’re the one that has to sort things out with the insurers, the mechanics and the car hire people. You’re the one that has to take time off work to deal with everything, and you’re the one that has to deal with the upset all of this causes. Meanwhile, the other party just has to wait for a letter from their insurer, particularly if they haven’t had any damage to their own vehicle. And of course, none of this takes into account any injuries sustained.

Bearing all this in mind, why should you be financially out of pocket? No win no fee solicitors such as ourselves can help you to get compensation if you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and are suffering injuries as a result of that accident. We have over 15 years’ experience of dealing with road accident claims and will work tirelessly to get you compensation which will go some way to putting things right.

Of course, we understand that no amount of car accident compensation will take the pain away or make the situation less difficult. However, it will give you the sense that there is some justice and that you are not simply being punished for something that wasn’t your fault. It will also ease the financial burden that you have encountered as a result.


Personal Injury Solicitors are Best to Represent Your Accident Claim

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If you’ve had a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault and have suffered injuries as a result, your insurers may also have told you that you have the right to personal injury compensation. They may even have told you that they can help to settle the claim themselves. However, we advise you not to act through your insurers, but to use the services of specialist personal injury solicitors such as ourselves instead.

There is no charge for you to use our services for your road traffic accident claim, as we operate on a strictly no win no fee basis. If your case wins, you get to take home 100% of your car accident compensation. However, if your insurers are offering you the same kind of conditions, you may be wondering why you should use solicitors instead. One reason is that we are experts in personal injury law. An accident that wasn’t your fault doesn’t automatically entitle you to compensation, and knowing the law is still a requirement in order to represent the victim in the best way. We can assess the validity of your claim and advise you on the best action going forward. What’s more, the other party’s insurance company can be devious, but we know all their tactics and how best to deal with them.

As an independent third party, we have no other interest beyond getting you the best amount for your claim as possible. Your insurers meanwhile would probably try and keep your claim amount as low as possible because it is in their best interests.


Ensuring You Can Go On Following an Accident at Work

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If you’ve had an accident at work, you may have more to contend with than the injuries you are suffering from as a result. As well as the financial implications of paying medical bills and loss in earnings due to time off because of injuries, you may even feel that you can’t return to work in the same place, giving you further economic worries. It is even more important, therefore, to seek accident at work compensation, to ensure that you are not suffering because of someone else’s mistake.

An injury at work can be more emotionally upsetting than a car accident with an unknown party, because you feel let down by people that you know.  Even if you do feel like you can return to work afterwards it is still your right to claim compensation for the trouble, stress and pain that you have had to deal with in the meantime.

As qualified and experienced personal injury solicitors, we can represent your case for you and help you through the difficult process. Using a specialist solicitor will often also result in a higher compensation award for you, yet with no costs for you to pay. With all of our personal injury cases, you will receive 100% of everything you are awarded, because our fees are paid by the other party’s insurers. Should your case not be successful, then you still won’t have anything to pay, as we generally don’t take on a case unless we think we can win it, knowing that we won’t get paid if we don’t.


With No Win No Fee, You Can’t Lose

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Having a car accident is a stressful experience, especially having to explain yourself to insurers and perhaps even the police. When it’s not your fault, this is even more stressful, as you feel that you’re having to defend yourself when you’ve done nothing wrong. With a lot of hassle, upheaval and emotional distress, you might even also have to deal with pain suffered from injuries that are a direct result of the accident too. If this sounds like something you’ve been going through within the last three years, then our team of specialist solicitors can help you to get whiplash compensation because it’s what you deserve.

With no win no fee solicitors, you can’t lose. Of course, there is no guarantee that you’ll win your case, but what we can guarantee is that you won’t have to pay a penny along the way. As experts in road accident claims and other areas of personal injury, we will advise you straightaway whether we think you have a winnable case or not, having received all the details. For a whiplash claim, this will usually include medical evidence from your GP or hospital, as well as full details of the accident in question, which must have been within the last three years.

Because we work on a no win no fee basis, our costs are covered by the other party’s insurers. We don’t tend to take on cases that we don’t think we can win, so in the event that we don’t, you still won’t have anything to pay.


Get the Evidence You Need for Injury Compensation

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Slips, trips and falls occur all the time as a result of other people’s negligence, but it can be sometimes hard to prove that it wasn’t your fault. With more compensation claims than ever before as people realise that they are entitled to justice when they suffer because of something that wasn’t their fault, then more evidence is required to prove that you have a valid case. A consultation with one of our expert team will soon determine whether you have right to claim or not.

Personal injury compensation may be awarded in the case of a slip, trip or fall if you have slipped on a wet floor that wasn’t correctly signposted or tripped on an uneven pavement, for example. If this has been the case, then you need to make sure you register as much evidence as possible, as soon as possible. This could include photographs (thank goodness for the camera phone!), reporting the incident to the relevant authorities so that it is officially logged, and seeking medical attention for injuries incurred.

Injury compensation can help you to recoup medical costs that you have had to pay as a result of the accident, as well as money that you have lost through being unable to work, whether that’s for a long period of time or just the odd day that you have had to miss to attend medical appointments or because you don’t feel up to it that day. You’ll receive 100% of your compensation award if you are successful too!