Assert Your Rights After Workplace Accidents

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Working for a living is something many people have to do for most of their lives. Whether you love or hate your position, or simply feel indifferent towards it, you can expect certain things. For example, you no doubt feel sure that you will be paid for your services, according to the terms of your contract. Meanwhile, an even more fundamental priority may concern your safety. After all, no price can be put on your health and wellbeing and so it is vital you are not placed in unacceptable danger by your employer.

In the UK, there are a number of legal stipulations that firms have to adhere to concerning worker safety and if these are not followed and an accident occurs as a result, companies can and should face serious consequences.

After all, they are making money on the basis on the endeavours of their staff members, so the least they can do is keep personnel out of harm’s way.

So, if you have suffered an injury at work, you may well be entitled to seek compensation. Of course, to be successful in your case, you must be able to establish that the problem occurred as a result of the negligence of another party.

However, by coming here to Fosters Solicitors you can pursue compensation claims without any fear of failure. Because we operate on a no win, no fee basis your finances will not be placed in jeopardy as a result of your attempt to seek justice.

To find out more about how to pursue work accident compensation, just take a look around our website or get in touch.


Accidents Can Lead to PTSD

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When individuals are involved in accidents, the concern expressed by others often focuses on the physical harm that may have been caused. This is no surprise as broken limbs, cuts, burns and other such injuries are immediately obvious and they can be extremely serious.

However, it is important never to neglect the psychological harm that can be caused by incidents such as a motorcycle accident, fall from height and so on.

Indeed, if you have ever been through distressing events like this, you will know how much of an impact they can have on you mentally as well as physically. You might even have gone on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This condition is not uncommon. Figures cited by the NHS suggest that up to 30 per cent of individuals who experience traumas go on to experience the disorder.

Whether you suffered as a result of an incident on the roads, sustained an injury at work or anything else of this nature, you will know how damaging PTSD can be. Perhaps you have recurring nightmares and flashbacks, difficulty sleeping and feelings of loneliness and detachment. All of these symptoms are associated with the condition.

While there is no way to turn back the hands of time and undo the damage caused there are thankfully now effective treatments that may help you cope and you might also benefit from approaching personal injury solicitors like us here at Fosters Solicitors. We can seek compensation on your behalf and help you achieve a sense of justice.


Speed Limit Plans May Lead to More Road Accident Claims

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Recently, the coalition government announced it is considering plans to raise the upper speed limit on the UK’s roads from 70mph to 80mph. It cited the economic benefits faster transport may have as one of the main reasons behind the idea.

Opinion concerning the matter has been deeply divided since. Many motorists have welcomed the possible move, but a number of safety groups have issued warnings, suggesting that any such rise would be mapped by an increase in accidents.

After all, when cars and other vehicles are travelling faster, their stopping distances are greater, meaning their drivers have less time to react to problems in front of them. Also, in particular weather conditions, it can be more difficult to control vehicles when they are travelling quickly, making skidding and other such accidents more likely.

So, if the proposals do get the go ahead, this may lead to a rise in car accident compensation claims.

The impact of road accidents can be devastating, leaving victims both physically and mentally scarred, and in some cases causing loss of life.

If you have ever suffered such problems, you will know how terrifying accidents on the roads can be. This is why a lot of those badly affected by difficulties of this nature, whether the incident in question is a motorbike accident, bus crash, car collision or anything else, seek compensation.

In order to achieve the best outcomes when making claims of this kind, it is important to choose experienced and skilful personal injury solicitors, such as us here at Fosters Solicitors.


Covering Medical Costs After a Workplace Accident

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Suffering an injury at work can be devastating. Accidents can affect your wellbeing, either temporarily or on a permanent basis, and they can also be highly traumatic. Furthermore, they can impact on your ability to work and you might find your finances are strained even more by any medical costs you encounter.

This may make the process of seeking compensation even more important. Of course, part of your interest in making those responsible pay will concern your desire to achieve a just outcome and to draw attention to the inadequacies of the practices that led to the problem.

However, another major factor may be simply helping you make ends meet.

Here at Fosters Solicitors, we are experts in compensation claims and are perfectly placed to take your case forward. As long as the accident occurred within the last three years and was the fault of another party, you might well be successful in your bid.

The money we secure for you can help you pay for the medical bills you received because of treatment regarding the injuries you sustained.

Also, you can utilise the money for other purposes. Indeed, what you do with the cash is up to you.

We operate on a no win, no fee basis, meaning you do not have to place your finances at risk by taking your case forward. Furthemore, any work accident compensation you are awarded will go to you. Nothing will be deducted from the amount by us. So, to find out more, just have a look around the rest of our website or get in touch.


Road Accidents are All Too Common

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Road accidents can be devastating. They can end lives, ruin people’s health and leave families grieving for their loved ones. The sad thing is, such events remain common in the UK. While the country by no means has the worst safety record in the world, more could perhaps be done to reduce the suffering caused by accidents.

If you have ever been the victim of such incidents, you will know how traumatic they can be. Indeed, you might well be seeking car accident compensation to help you cope with the associated difficulties.

According to figures produced by the Department for Transport, there were 222,146 reported casualties of all severities in 2009. Meanwhile, 2,222 individuals were killed during the 12-month period.

It was also noted that the volume of traffic on the road increased by around 15 per cent during the year.

Even minor crashes can lead to problems like whiplash, which has the potential to cause victims serious discomfort. This is a term used to describe an injury to the neck caused by a sudden movement of the head backwards, forwards or sideways. This jolt can result in damage being caused to the ligaments and tendons in the neck.

The typical symptoms of whiplash are pain and stiffness, while headaches, muscle spasms and pain in the arms and shoulders are also possible effects.

If you want to seek car accident compensation because of an RTA, you have come to the right place. Our team of personal injury lawyers here at Fosters Solicitors are experts when it comes to such matters.